1. How will I know if I’ve won?

Upon submitting your entry, individuals will be notified instantly on screen as to whether or not they have provisionally won an instant prize. All provisional instant winners are subject to verification.

2. Who can enter the promotion?

This promotion is only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over.

3. What do I need to purchase?

To participate, individuals must purchase, in a single transaction, a minimum of 2 productions from the CADBURY or RED TULIP Easter range. Purchase must be made at a Coles supermarket (Coles Express Stores are not included) during the promotional period.

4. When is the promotional period?

The promotional period commences at 12:01am AEDT on 11/01/2023 and closes at 11:59pm AEDST on 09/04/2023.

5. What is a participating supermarket?

A participating retailer is any Coles supermarket (including online) in Australia, that stocks the eligible products and displays advertising material. Coles Express Stores are not included.

6. What if I buy more than two products in one transition – can I get multiple entries from one receipt?

There is only 1 entry permitted per qualifying purchase/transaction (regardless of the number of eligible products purchased in excess of two in that transaction). Each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements.

7. How many times can I enter?

Multiple entries are permitted over the course of the promotional period. There is a limit of 1 entry per person, per day. There is a limit of 1 entry per qualifying receipt.

8. What can I win?

Instant win prizes available to be won:

  • $100 Digital Coles Gift Cards

  • $50 Digital Coles Gift Cards

  • $20 Digital Coles Gift Cards

  • $10 Digital Coles Gift Cards and

  • $5 Digital Coles Gift Cards

Prizes will be awarded randomly throughout the Competition Period in accordance with the ratios in the full Terms and Conditions.

9. Can I exchange the gift card for cash?

No, any unused portion of the prize cannot be transferred or exchanged and cannot be taken as cash.

10. How do I enter?

  1. Purchase 2 or more CADBURY or RED TULIP Easter chocolate products in a single transaction from a participating retailer (any Coles store or Coles online that stocks Eligible products and displays advertising material – excluding Coles Express) and retain your receipt. Visit www.Cadbury.com.au/Easter and follow the prompts. Incomplete or indecipherable entries will be deemed invalid.

  2. Fully complete your details, upload a copy of your receipt when prompted (ensure it clearly shows the eligible purchase) and submit the entry form during the promotional period. Please ensure, the date of purchase, store name and promotional product purchases are clearly visible on your receipt.

  3. You will then be prompted to ‘pick an egg’ to see if you’re an instant winner. Once the chocolate egg is picked; you will be instantly notified online as to whether or not you are a provisional winner. (Please not this is a gamification only and the egg you pick will not impact your win).

11. Why is the website not loading?

If the website doesn't load or some pages don't load, please clear your browser cache, and refresh the page. If the problem still persists, please try loading on a different device or contact us at [email protected] for further support.

12. I tried to enter and submit my entry and then nothing happened. Am I a winner?

We can check on your entry for you. Please contact us
at [email protected] for further support.

13. I submitted but did not get a message. Did my entry go through?

We can check on your entry for you. Please contact us at [email protected].

13. I uploaded the receipt and got an error message. What do I do?

Please check upload instructions below and make sure you are uploading correctly. If you are still unable to upload, please contact us at [email protected].

15. I think I’m a winner but I closed the screen. Can you check for me?

Please check your emails to see if you have received a win, but if you need help, you can contact us at [email protected].

16. Who should I contact if I require assistance?

[email protected]

16. Who should I contact if I require assistance?

[email protected]

17. I’ve lost my eligible receipt / I didn’t receive a receipt when I made my eligible purchase how can I enter this promotion?

It is your responsibility to request a receipt from a member of staff. You cannot enter the promotion without a valid receipt.

18. How do I receive my Coles Gift Card from Cadbury?

If you are a winner, and your entry has been validated, you will receive your Coles gift card via email within 5 business days. You will simply need to click the link in the email to view your digital card. This card can then be spent instore using the card number and PIN.

19. Do I need to activate my Coles Gift Card?

No, your card will be delivered active and ready to spend.

20. I have more questions about my Coles Gift Card how do I find out more?

For the gift card terms of use please click here https://corporateservices.giftcards.com.au/CMS/Page/TermsOfUse